Dream Births

It is that time of year again: Parkinson's Awareness Month (April). As I've done for the past few years, I've written a poem for the occasion. However, this one is a bit different in that it doesn't...

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Orion’s Integration

Wormhole Travel: A digital image by Les Bossinas for NASA

Short Story: Daniel and Jill explore the first stable wormhole. What they discover changes their lives.

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The Hole

A simulated Black Hole of ten solar masses as seen from a distance of 600km with the Milky Way in the background (horizontal camera opening angle: 9°)

Captain Jane Bower of the Starship Arizona attempts to rescue a ship trapped on the edge of a black hole’s event horizon. She discovers that black holes are more personal than she had realized.

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Virtual Game is Here!


R. L. Copple’s third book in the Virtual Chronicles, Virtual Game, is available to purchase!

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Micro-Fiction: Slimdown Tantrum

R. L. Copple offers a micro-fiction space opera story, as well as a peak into his writing process.

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The Balloon Ark

R. L. Copple offers up an unusual near-future, apocalyptic, science fiction short story for October’s free fiction.

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10 Day Novel Challenge: Day 1

R. L. Copple relates how his first day of the challenge went.

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The Eternal Clock

Captain Bay can change events, but can he change time before it is too late? A space opera flash fiction from R. L. Copple.

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The Call of Nature

Free flash fiction from R. L. Copple. The superhero Moth Man steals a space ship. But why?

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Jennifer Eifrig Interviews Me

Author Jennifer Eifrig has posted an interview of me. She asked some more unique questions than some I’ve had, and so you get some unique answers than perhaps you’ve heard from previous interviews with me. I think she did a …

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Devil’s Hit List Excerpt
Frank Creed

R. L. Copple features an excerpt from Frank Creed’s most recent cyber-punk novel, Devil’s Hit List.

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