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Narr: Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is false. Only the names are true, to protect this author from being accused of making up strange names. This is the city: Los Angeles,...

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Exciting News!

Author R. L. Copple announces some exciting news of upcoming publications.

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Invisible Dragon Scales and Ideas

I just read today a blog entry about how an author feels about trite wording. (Sorry, I don’t recall the blog or I’d point you to it.) Her point was everyone says to avoid trite phrases like the plague, and while it is good to not overdo it, sometimes a trite phrase simply works best. And the concept of trite is so subjective, as it depends on what a particular person has read as to whether something is trite.

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  • Hero Game

    Second book in The Virtual Chronicles. A superhero space adventure!

  • Mind Game

    Mind Game Cover

    First book in The Virtual Chronicles. Virtual reality has never been so real!

  • Reality’s Fire

    Third book in The Reality Chronicles. The exciting finale goes to Hell and back.

  • Reality’s Ascent

    Reality's Ascent Cover

    Second book in The Reality Chronicles. An adventure with consequences.

  • Reality’s Dawn

    First book in The Reality Chronicles. 15 adventures of Sisko to enjoy!

  • Ethereal Worlds Anthology

    25 short stories and flash fictions written over five years by R. L. Copple.

  • Strange Worlds of Lunacy

    Let's go there. It's a silly place. Two flash fictions in this anthology: "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," and "Baby Truth."