Galaxy Santa

Dragnet for Santa

Narr: Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is false. Only the names are true, to protect this author from being accused of making up strange names. This is the city: Los Angeles,...

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Man of Steel Review


R. L. Copple’s review of the Man of Steel movie.

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Winterland: A Dark Fairy Tale
by Mike Duran

R. L. Copple reviews a novella from author Mike Duran, a dark fairy tale of allegorical proportions.

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Book Review: The Worker Prince
by Brian Schmidt

R. L. Copple reviews Brian Schmidt’s debut space opera novel, The Worker Prince, for a month-long blog tour.

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Book Review: Dark Side of the Moon
by Terri Lynn Main

Terri Lynn Main offers up an impressive debut science fiction, mystery novel in Dark Side of the Moon. Carolyn Masters, an ex-FBI profiler, has a history. A history she’s trying to forget. In an attempt to distance herself from that past, she takes a teaching position at the lunar university at Armstrong City.

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Book Review: Tales of the Dim Knight
by Adam and Andrea Graham

Pull on your tights and hang that cape around your neck, we’re going for a ride. What kind of ride, you ask? A superhero spoof ride, a dysfunctional family ride, a marital struggle ride. A ride into redemption.

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Review: Earthbow: Volume 2
by Sherry Thompson

Earthbow: Volume 2 ISBN: 978-0982508787 As the name suggest, this book picks up where Earthbow, Volume 1 left off. And the reader will be confused if they start with this book. Things will make a lot more sense if you …

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Book Review: Alpha Redemption
by P. A. Baines

Alpha Redemption ISBN-13: 978-0986451744 I’ve always enjoyed a good story about people exploring space. When I heard that P. A. Baine’s book, Alpha Redemption, was about a man traveling to Alpha Centauri, naturally it perked my interest. I also heard …

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Book Review: The Duke’s Handmaid
by Caprice Hokstad

The Duke’s Handmaid ISBN: 978-0986451737 Have you ever read a book that refused to be pigeonholed? In some cases, that can be a negative, in that the author shoots all over the place and so hits nothing. In other cases, …

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Review: Earthbow, Vol. 1
by Sherry Thompson

Sherry Thompson’s Blog ISBN: 978-0-9825087-3-2 Any fears that Seabird and its sequels would end up mimicking The Chronicles of Narnia are dispelled with this first volume of Earthbow, by Sherry Thompson. Indeed, in feel and focus, this book departs from …

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Review: By Darkness Hid
by Jill Williamson

ISBN: 978-0-9821049-5-8 Disclaimer: In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. I love it when I read a book that has great characters, an unpredictable plot, and clear writing that …

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