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Narr: Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is false. Only the names are true, to protect this author from being accused of making up strange names. This is the city: Los Angeles,...

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Adding a Featured Image in Blogger That Will Show Up on Facebook


Ever wondered how in Blogger blogs you can get the featured image to show up in social media post like Facebook? Wonder no more!

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Top Blog Post of All Time

I’ve seen some others do this occasionally. Don’t know how often I will do this, but I thought it a good idea to let others know what are the top 5 blog post based on traffic on my site. After all, if that many people are looking at them, perhaps others who have missed it might want to get a second chance to check them out?

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Guest Post: Why Publishers Run With the Crowd

Another blogger, Michael Lynch, has offered to post a piece I wrote, actually in a discussion on a list. But then I tweaked it a bit more for prime-time. So I’m guest posting once again. Check it out: Why Publishers …

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Book Review: Legendary Space Pilgrims
by Grace Bridges

ISBN 978-0986451720 Legendary Space Pilgrims reminded me of C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy along with a dose of his Chronicles of Narnia while firmly remaining its own unique science fiction story. If you like exploring, experiencing new places, along with …

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Storefront Fixed

I discovered that my author’s storefront,, had experienced some problems from people who tried to order on it or obtain the free ebook. During login as well as some functions of checking out, a blank page would appear, making …

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The Lost Genre Guild Blog Tour!

I recently joined a group of like-mind individuals known as The Lost Genre Guild. Their mission is the promotion of speculative fiction written by Christians. They note how little, if any, speculative fiction resides on the typical Christian bookstore shelf. …

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Christmas Sales on Infinite Realities!

I’ve decided to discount my book, Infinite Realities, that I sell from my web site as we approach Christmas. Amazon has never discounted it nor other major retailers. So, leading up to Christmas at least, I’m selling author-signed copies of …

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My old comics

I had these on my previous blog, and am just now getting back to putting them up again. My brother and I, back as pre-teens, started writing comics, making stories, and having fun. You can say that this was my …

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Blog has moved

Yes, I’ve moved the blog. I put a redirect on my old site, so if you came here by typing then you will want to update any bookmarks to Yep, new site and new hosting company. Moved the …

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About the banner photo…

Just thought people might be interested to know that the photo in the banner is actually one of my own. I took that photo one Saturday evening returning home from church. There is a rest area at the top of …

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