Sharing a drink

Getting FB to Show the Right Photo in WordPress

Facebook used to allow one to cycle through photos from a shared link, giving the poster control over which imaged showed, or allowed one to not show a photo at all but keep the graphic link. For...

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Sharing a drink

Frustrated at the lack of control of images in shared links on Facebook? Me too. Here’s how I solved the problem.

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The Unlikely Angeltop comments

A Likely Angel

I encountered an angel in the wee hours of the morning in 1994. A very unlikely angel, but an angel nonetheless.

R. L. Copple says:
Thanks, Lisa,for the input. more
Lisa Godfrees says:
Very nice story. Well written, well told, good moral. Thanks! more
William Burke (serial_killer) 1792–1829

He laughed, and haunted echoes filled the room. Death dripped from his words. “You’ve got it wrong, my dear. I am many. I multiply and infest this world with fear.”

R. L. Copple says:
Thanks for the input, John. Glad you liked it. more
John Boyden says:
A good story. Yes, you should put it in an anthology. more

Embracing the Gatetop comments

How do we approach the gate of death? My mother is one example as liver cancer brings her to those doors, and my poem to deal with it.

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Idealism v. Realism


Sort of a review of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but making a point pertaining to fiction in general.


2016, Here I Come!

R. L. Copple refines his writing goals for 2016.


The Fountain of Christmas Cheer

Christmas tree. Pereslavl museum, Christmas 2012

Daniel discovers the true source of Christmas cheer even in the midst of horrible circumstances.


The Clay Pot Speaks

Meaning of Life

What is the point to life?


Can One Be a Practicing Homosexual Christian?

Icon of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus

A critique of Matthew Vines’ Biblical Views on Homosexuality.


Reality Game – Day 58

R. L. Copple throws his pen into the National Novel Writing Month challenge.

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