Reality Game - Day 18

Bottom line, I'm probably not going to make my original goal of finishing this novel by the end of the month. But I've not given up. Work, writer's club, my weekly SpecFaith blog, Infidelity blog and...

R. L. Copple's Blog

R. L. Copple updates his progress on writing the “Realiy Game” novel, the 4th entry in the Virtual Chronicles series.

R. L. Copple says:
Yes, I have it. Used it a bit last year. Slow going with that too. Now that... more

Reality Game: Day 1top comments

R. L. Copple details his first day back to writing the novel Reality Game.

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Mid-Year Adjustmentstop comments

R. L. Copple explains his mid-year adjustments to his new year’s writing goals.

R. L. Copple says:
Good thought, Lisa. Problem is, I”d have no idea what to trim. I feel... more
Lisa Godfrees says:
As one of the two readers of your blog — LOL — I appreciated your... more

The Holetop comments

A simulated Black Hole of ten solar masses as seen from a distance of 600km with the Milky Way in the background (horizontal camera opening angle: 9°)

Captain Jane Bower of the Starship Arizona attempts to rescue a ship trapped on the edge of a black hole’s event horizon. She discovers that black holes are more personal than she had realized.

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Mind Game Sale: $0.99!

Mind Game on sale for $0.99 from 7/16 to 8/3! Click for more info.


Monkey Madness


I told headquarters their idea proved they had developed a case of monkey madness. Never give a monkey a man’s job. But did they listen? No. They trained and installed monkeys through the whole fleet. And now I’m sitting up in bed, a monkey holding a ray gun to my head.


Gas: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Vulture in Sky

Timmy tugged on his dad’s trousers. “Dad, my teacher said gas is bad for the Earth. Is it?”


Starry the Space-Hippie Spy –
Chapter 1: Far Out, Man

Starry the Space-Hippie Spy Cover

Free Monthly Serial: Chapter 1 – A bit of James Bond, comedy, detective, and space opera. What more could you want? Sit back and enjoy the ride.


Monthly Free Fiction Upgrade!

R. L. Copple upgrades his once-a-month free fiction story.


How to Easily Grasp and Apply the Trinity to Our Life


I believe most Christians don’t understand neither what the doctrine of the Trinity professes, why its necessary and important, nor its meaning for their lives.

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  • Hero Game

    Second book in The Virtual Chronicles. A superhero space adventure!

  • Mind Game

    Mind Game Cover

    First book in The Virtual Chronicles. Virtual reality has never been so real!

  • Reality’s Fire

    Third book in The Reality Chronicles. The exciting finale goes to Hell and back.

  • Reality’s Ascent

    Reality's Ascent Cover

    Second book in The Reality Chronicles. An adventure with consequences.

  • Reality’s Dawn

    First book in The Reality Chronicles. 15 adventures of Sisko to enjoy!

  • Ethereal Worlds Anthology

    25 short stories and flash fictions written over five years by R. L. Copple.

  • Strange Worlds of Lunacy

    Let's go there. It's a silly place. Two flash fictions in this anthology: "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," and "Baby Truth."