Meaning of Life

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I finally wrote something today. A new poem. If you've ever struggled to find meaning to life (and no, it isn't 42), maybe these thoughts will provide a road sign to point the way. Something I've...

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Meaning of Life

What is the point to life?

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Icon of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus

A critique of Matthew Vines’ Biblical Views on Homosexuality.

R. L. Copple says:
Brent, Correct. It is a common approach that we’ve become more... more
Brent King says:
I think it is interesting how we so easily dismiss the democracy of the dead. I... more

R. L. Copple throws his pen into the National Novel Writing Month challenge.

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R. L. Copple is at the novel again. Progress as promised.

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Reality Game – Day 33

Latest update on novel progress.


Orion’s Integration

Wormhole Travel: A digital image by Les Bossinas for NASA

Short Story: Daniel and Jill explore the first stable wormhole. What they discover changes their lives.


Reality Game – Day 26

R. L. Copple updates readers on progress with writing projects.


Reality Game – Day 20

Day 20 on writing the Reality Game novel. An odd Tuesday.


Reality Game – Day 18

R. L. Copple updates his progress on writing the “Realiy Game” novel, the 4th entry in the Virtual Chronicles series.


Reality Game: Day 1

R. L. Copple details his first day back to writing the novel Reality Game.

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  • Hero Game

    Second book in The Virtual Chronicles. A superhero space adventure!

  • Mind Game

    Mind Game Cover

    First book in The Virtual Chronicles. Virtual reality has never been so real!

  • Reality’s Fire

    Third book in The Reality Chronicles. The exciting finale goes to Hell and back.

  • Reality’s Ascent

    Reality's Ascent Cover

    Second book in The Reality Chronicles. An adventure with consequences.

  • Reality’s Dawn

    First book in The Reality Chronicles. 15 adventures of Sisko to enjoy!

  • Ethereal Worlds Anthology

    25 short stories and flash fictions written over five years by R. L. Copple.

  • Strange Worlds of Lunacy

    Let's go there. It's a silly place. Two flash fictions in this anthology: "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," and "Baby Truth."